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Blue One Support Services

Welcome to Blue One's Technical Support Library. In here you will find screen shots and instructions to help you configure today's most popular Internet- related programs, from Browsers to e-mail programs, to settings specific to your computer, and lists of Frequently Asked Questions to provide quick answers.

Blue One is proud to offer live technical help on your computer from anywhere in the world. To utilize this new service, you must be able to connect to the internet and run a small program that will connect your computer to our support staff. Click here to download the Blue One Support Tool. Please contact our support offices for further information.

Account Services spotlights the online services that are available to you at Blue One. This section deals with adding and deleting e-mail addresses, changing your passwords for your account, and other information that you may not know you had access to.

If you are new to the Internet or just want some quick information, visit the archive of Frequently Asked Questions.

If all else fails, contact Technical Support, Billing, or Sales for more information.

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